Dinky Toys produced three toy vehicles from the Gerry Anderson UFO series.
These were: A UFO Interceptor, a SHADO Mobile and Ed Straker's car.

These metal diecast UFO toys were made in the 1970s. Dinky Toys were part of the larger Meccano toy company - a major British toy producer of the period.

These three Dinky Toys are pretty good representations of the UFO TV series vehicles.

The Dinky Toys UFO Interceptor would have been truly excellent as both a toy and a scale model. Unfortunately, for some reason Dinky spoiled the model at the painting stage. Instead of appearing as seen here - white, silver and red, they issued the model in green and orange. Totally inaccurate and not exactly nice to look at either.

I repainted my Dinky Interceptor within days of buying it in the early 1970s. Pauline did a much more professional job of restoration a few years ago, resulting in the model you see here.

The Dinky Toys SHADO Mobile was and still is, great fun. An attractive model with a well concealed gimmick. There is a switch on the roof which allows it to swivel 180 degrees, revealing a working rocket launcher. Very useful for destroying UFOs. My only complaint here is that Dinky didn't supply alternative numbers for the vehicles.

The Dinky Straker's car was a little disappointing. The obvious thing for Dinky to have done here was to give the car opening gull-wing doors. Instead they opted for a clockwork motor which spoils the look of the interior. Aside from that though it's quite a nice model. I can't help but think that Corgi would have made a much better job of making this vehicle.

Here then, are some of the Dinky UFO toys that we have in our collection.

Dinky interceptor

Dinky Toys UFO Interceptor

Diecast metal toy with spring mechanism to fire a rubber tipped missile. We repainted this model since the original Dinky colour was green and orange and looked awful. We also replaced the pilot with a larger more realistic figure. This is a very nice model which compares well with its model kit counterparts. If you can pick up a model cheaply it's well worth getting one and repainting it.


Here are the Dinky Ed Straker's car and the Dinky SHADO Mobile with their original boxes.

Strakers Car

Dinky Toys Ed Straker's Car

A nice model of the car belonging to Ed Straker - head of SHADO.

I've also bought a less than mint version so that I can remove the clockwork motor and replace it with a proper interior.

Dinky Mobile

Dinky Toys SHADO Mobile

A fun diecast metal toy which had lots of play value. It is also a pretty accurate model. The roof swivels 180 degrees to reveal a spring powered rocket launcher.

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