Gerry Anderson's UFO

Gerry Anderson's UFO television series featured the usual outstanding model special effects, but instead of puppets, this time around the characters were represented by actors.

The action is set in 1980 and focuses on SHADO - Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization.
SHADO is a secret world wide organization set up to protect the Earth from UFOs : Unidentified Flying Objects. To accomplish this task SHADO have a wide variety of craft at their disposal.

SHADO's first line of defence is Moonbase which can launch a flight of interceptor spacecraft, each equipped with an anti-UFO missile.
On Earth SHADO has submarines designated 'Skydiver' which can launch 'Sky' jet fighters to combat the UFOs. On land, tracked and armed Mobiles can be deployed anywhere in the world. As if all that high tech hardware wasn't enough, the people running SHADO have nice cars too!

On these pages we'll be taking a look at models of the various vehicles from the Gerry Anderson UFO TV series - toys, kits and our own computer graphics.

Fortunately, although SHADO is a top secret organisation, there are lots of nice toys and models of the vehicles available.

Dinky Toys produced a few nice diecast UFO toys in the 1970s. In the early 21st century Product Enterprise produced their own range of UFO models. During the same period, a finely detailed and very comprehensive collection of UFO 'candy toys' was produced by Konami.

Plastic model kits have been produced by Japanese manufacturers, and there are also resin and white metal kits produced by various small kit manufacturers.

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